Tips for car care in the rainy season

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Tips for car care in the rainy season

The rainy season is that season when your car needs that additional care. By taking good care of your car you can ensure that it would run in stable condition all through the season.

Here is the list of effective tips for keeping vehicles in a good shape during the rainy season:

Try not to cover your car if you are planning to park it out in the open. Car covers will protect your car from dust and leaves that fall on your car but the cover tends to stick to the vehicle’s body because of the dampness. Once the car dries up the cover can stick to the vehicle’s clear coat and can strip it off when the cover is removed causing irreversible damage to the paint.

Brakes are the most important part of a car. Clean the brake pads and replace them if necessary. Check the brake liquid levels, the brake lines, and brake pedal play for the smooth functioning of the vehicle.

Check whether the tyres are in good condition or not. The tyre tread depth should also be good enough. Check the tyre inflation regularly as tyres will in general lose a considerable amount of air pressure during the rainy season. This regular check of the tyres will not only guarantee better driving comfort but also a great tire life.

Try not to let the rainwater sit on your vehicle as it will affect the paint. Use wax polish as it will form a thin and protective layer on the vehicle’s paint and external body and it will also allow the rain water to roll off easily.

Protect the interiors of the car from water and moisture. You should use fabric mats rather than the rubber ones (as they become loose or degrade over time) so that they can soak the liquid.

Clean or change your windshield wipers every year as the rubber blades become brittle, dry and crack after some time, leaving diverting skips and streaks as they move over the glass. It is also important to clean the windshield of the vehicle immediately after the vehicle has been out in the rain.