I visited PPS Motors Mahindra Service Center, Bangalore, for my New XUV500’s first service. And till now, I go here for regular service and maintenance of my car. This place is very clean and gives a comfortable feel. The staffs are friendly and they have a lot of patience dealing with their customers. They let you speak, and listen carefully. They really put effort to understand your concerns and needs. The advisor gives the right solutions to keep the condition of your car. And they don’t overcharge you unnecessarily. I always get my car on time, without any delay, as clean and shiny as new, with the issues solved. It’s always a good experience for me to give my car for service in PPS Motors, Bangalore.


I really must thank PPS Motors Mahindra Service Center, Bangalore, as they saved me from a real tough time. I gave my car to another service center with the issue of fuel leakage. They kept the car for many days and returned to me saying the problem is solved. But I found that there was more leakage than before. Finally, I gave my car for service in PPS Motors, Bangalore. They explained to me the problem with my car. That’s when I got clarification of my problem. I got my car on the said date, with all my car problems solved. Thanks to PPS Motors Mahindra Service Center, Bangalore.


I have XUV300. I had a major issue with the engine. It was getting stopped suddenly in the middle of the road, many times. I went to the PPS Mahindra Service Center, Bangalore. They understood the problem. Solved the issue. The technical staff explained to me the issue happening inside my car. The charge was also decent. They gave me some excellent deals also, which really lessened my financial burden. I am really relaxed about car maintenance as I have the support of PPS Mahindra Service Center, Bangalore.


I bought a Mahindra Alturas G4 from PPS Motors Mahindra Showroom, Bangalore a few months back. Had the best experience of customer service in this showroom. I bought one more car from here, before Alturas G4. This is a comfortable and clean showroom, with all the safety precautions. Both my cars were delivered to me without any delay, in very good condition. After the delivery, I got calls regarding the cars from the PPS Motors Dealer. Overall the best showroom to tie up with. I recommend this showroom to my family and friends.


I was in love with Mahindra Thar when I saw it for the first time. I want my first car to be Thar. I visited PPS Motors Mahindra Showroom, Bangalore. Mahindra Thar was so majestically standing. The salesperson showed me the Thar and explained to me all the features. I was so convinced that my decision was correct. I wanted ‘Rocky Beige’. They informed me that I have to wait for 7 months to get my Thar. I booked and started waiting. But they delivered my car within 4 months. They took customer satisfaction to the next level. I am very much happy and satisfied receiving the grand vehicle even before the time. Truly thanking the PPS Motors Mahindra Showroom, Bangalore for their excellent customer service and sincerity in satisfying a customer’s expectations.


I wanted to buy a red Mahindra XUV500. I could not find it in many showrooms. Then I found that the PPS Motors Mahindra Showroom, Bangalore, had the variant available. I visited to buy it. The whole experience was awesome, and they ensured that my expectations are met in terms of car, loan, and accessories. The customer service was top-notch. The showroom ambiance was good and comfortable. The salesperson gave me a complete explanation of the vehicle. They helped me in processing my loan also. My car was delivered on-time, perfectly, and the demo happened as per schedule. I heard bad experiences of many of my friends because of the other car dealers’ bad service. Many other dealers sent faulted cars to their customers. But this dealer showed how to do a genuine business. They gave me a feel of Family. Hats off to the PPS Motors Mahindra Showroom, Bangalore team.

Priyanka Lakshman

I purchased XUV300 from PPS Mahindra Showroom, Bangalore. It was good. The staffs in the showroom are helpful.  I had few issues with the finance and loan. The showroom people made the process easy, solving my problem. I love the car. I got on-time delivery with the color I asked for. I thank the PPS Mahindra, Bangalore people for the support throughout the purchase.


I had very limited knowledge about cars, but I knew I wanted to buy a Mahindra vehicle because of the Brand Value. I visited many showrooms, but I was not fine there. Not satisfied with their customer service. I visited PPS Mahindra, Bangalore with my requirement checklist. They understand what I wanted, and gave me the right choices. I selected XUV500. I am quite sure that I made the correct decision. The entire team ensured that I was happy & satisfied with the whole process of purchase, and even after purchase, they check about the vehicle now and then. PPS Mahindra, Bangalore, is a sure one-point stop for the purchase of Mahindra Vehicles.


I bought a car from PPS Mahindra, Bangalore. My experience in buying the car is best and I am very happy with the buying of Mahindra XUV500. I had on-time delivery, good demo as per schedule. I got support for finance, accessories, and other things. This dealer helped me with the XUV500 of my choice. Thank you PPS Mahindra Showroom Bangalore.

Rahul D

I would like to write about my experience with PPS Mahindra, Bangalore. I wanted to buy Scorpio for my dad, and I visited PPS Mahindra, Bangalore. I was so taken aback by their hospitality. That’s the first and foremost thing that impressed me. They gave me complete details about the cars and purchasing procedures. The staff knew every detail about the cars, and they very well understood what my requirement was. They were very helpful and supportive throughout the purchase. I felt so happy when I got the key to my Mahindra Scorpio, on the said date. I bought it as a gift for my Father, for his Birthday. And I made him very happy on his special day with the special Mahindra Scorpio.